Environmental Governance on the Go

“Kung indi kita sin-o? Kung indi subong san-o?”
(If not us, then who? If not now, then when?)
                -AED asked the audience.

Last August 13, 2019, Culasi National High School, one of the partner schools of SEA, Inc., had their 3rd Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) General Assembly and Assistant Executive Director of SEA, Inc., Ronie Z. Bautista was invited to give a talk about Environmental Awareness and the partnership of SEA, Inc. has with the school. The AED presented the environmental problems that has been felt by everyone around the globe ever since then. By the end of his presentation, the AED challenged the parents, teachers and students to start acting locally while thinking globally in addressing the growing environmental dilemma that the world is facing right now.

With the support of more than 250 participants, the PTA President and the OIC of Culasi National High School, the body adopted the strict implementation of Zero Waste Management as well as the campaign against Single-Use Plastic in their school.

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