ESSA Council Networks With The League Of Organic Agriculture Municipalities, Cities And Provinces

August 26, 2019 Council Meeting with the LOAMCP at Lolo Jose Kitchen, Sta. Barbara

In creating a great impact to advance sustainable agriculture, ESSA was able to meet The League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities, Cities and Province (LOAMCP), headed by their President, Mayor Rommel Arnado of the Municipality of Kauswagan, Lanao Del Norte and their Executive Director Mr. Victorino Tagupa, together with Mr. Kevin Fernan, their Liaison Officer at Sta. Barbara, Iloilo last August 26, 2019.  This opportunity was able and will be able to strengthen the partnership and collaboration between the two groups.

 In working together and filling one’s gap, ESSA establishing an impact locally and LOAMCP-Ph in an internal level, a wide range of influence to practice organic agriculture is attained.

The groups were able to lay down their needs and gaps to ask from the other group’s support and the other way around. Each is exhausting all possibilities and resources what help it could offer to the other.  Among the concerns of LOAMCP were: assistance for sound proposal making; communication support  to help advocate Sustainable Agriculture; scientific support in establishing outcome indicators and certification.

ESSA has been collaborating with different groups of sustainable agriculture stakeholders, and by having LOAMCP-Ph as a partner, the LGU sector is already reachable to encourage and influence them to support and promote organic agriculture.

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