Overall Strategy of SIAD 1.0

Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SIAD) is the implementing framework of the Philippines’ blueprint for sustainable  development: Philippine Agenda 21 (PA21). Because of this, SIAD advances PA21’s framework of “integral sustainable development” (ISD) which addresses all seven dimensions of development: ecological, economic, political, cultural, societal, human, and spiritual.

Solution Ecosystems Activator, Inc. (SEA) has developed the Sustainable Integrated Area Development 1.0 Program (SIAD 1.0), with the help of partners, in order to establish and demonstrate how SIAD prototypes are a powerful means to advance ISD. SIAD 1.0 is the first program in the country to implement SIAD at a town and city level. Past efforts at SIAD have been mostly sectoral by nature.

SEA uses the term “1.0” to indicate that it understands that, by the very nature of innovation, the first attempt will not be perfect. But technological and societal innovation means that creating a better version of the future (2.0) can only happen when we prototype (1.0) that future now.

Activating SIAD through Solution Ecosystems

SEA has created a practical approach for activating SIAD. SEA calls this the “solution ecosystems” approach. SEA describes this method as mobilizing the resources, networks, and experience of the “ecosystems” – consisting of stakeholder institutions within civil society, government, and business – to provide solutions around a specific societal challenge.

Introducing a solution ecosystems approach will increase the capacity of local governments implementing SIAD to absorb existing development funds, broaden its access to new developmental funds, and channel these to appropriate sustainable development programs and projects. In so doing, these SIAD programs and projects will benefit a significant number of the residents of the town and city implementing SIAD.

SEA has already started the early phases of its SIAD 1.0 installation. Its experience is already confirming that, indeed, SIAD activation through a solution ecosystems approach increases the development impact of local government and its civil society and business partners.

Overall Strategy of SIAD 1.0

The overall strategy of SIAD 1.0 is to concretely demonstrate the effectiveness of SIAD and the solution ecosystems approach through two initial prototypes:

  1. co-activating an operational SIAD in the town of Zarraga, in the Province of Iloilo, and
  2. advising in the activation of an operational SIAD in Bayawan City, in the Province of Negros Oriental.

Success of these two prototypes will inspire the adoption of similar efforts in other towns and cities of the country, triggering widespread intentions to advance integral sustainable development. When this happens, SEA will provide beginning design assistance for other interested Local Government Units (LGUs), whether cities or towns.

This overall strategy is already being affirmed. As SEA has begun work on these first two prototypes, local chief executives of other cities and towns are expressing interest in installing SIAD in their own LGUs.

Supportive Strategy of SIAD 1.0

No one town or city has all the resources, initiatives, and networks to achieve SIAD on its own. SIAD 1.0 therefore works to mobilize resources, initiatives, and networks from all over the country, even globally, in order to manifest SIAD in both Zarraga and Bayawan City. In effect, the SIAD town/city becomes the “convergence container” for all such resources, initiatives, and networks.

This approach has two unique and inspiring advantages. First, any proven or even promising global initiative, for example, can aid in the installation of SIAD in a specific location. Second, and in turn, SIAD provides a useful context for such initiatives to prototype. If successful, such initiatives thereby achieve a wide-ranging impact and have the possibility of becoming mainstreamed. It is the same, as well, for the other resources and networks that are all essential to implement SIAD.

SEA will use this supportive strategy to make SIAD a reality in Zarraga and Bayawan City as well as to make it accessible to all other interested LGUs upon request.

Goals of SIAD 1.0

  • To advance these promising strategies, SIAD 1.0 has five over-arching goals:
  • Activate an operational SIAD in the town of Zarraga, Iloilo Province, Central Philippines.
  • Provide technical assistance for the installation of a SIAD process in the City of Bayawan, Negros Oriental, Central Philippines.
  • Assist at least three more cities, towns, and/or mainstream institutions in designing SIAD initiatives.
  • Communicate through quad media (TV, radio, newspaper, and internet) the on-going efforts at SIAD installation in Zarraga town and Bayawan City as well as deepen SIAD awareness and understanding in the general public.
  • Strengthen the financial and institutional capacity of SEA, in order to undertake the above solution ecosystem prototypes.