Supporting SEA

As you can see from this website, SEA has enabled many unique results to emerge in the town of Zarraga. These achievements were attained mostly through volunteer effort. While this volunteer work had strategic impact in the beginning when rapid action was needed and things had to be done even with external funding support, continued volunteer work is not sustainable. This is especially true if full time volunteers have families to support or have needs that need to be met financially.

Thus we need your support. It is ironic that SEA is helping the government leverage millions of pesos without getting a single centavo from it. This independence from government funding is important to maintain its development objectivity. Kindly click link to view our two-page financial appeal.

If you think that SEA’s work is strategically important in showcasing inclusive integral sustainable development including broad-based participatory governance through societal threefolding, kindly make a donation.

Kindly make your financial transfers via TransferWise at Bank to bank transfer and other services often have hidden charges sometimes up to 30% of the value being transferred. TansferWise makes money transfers on the basis of real time currency exchange rates and a commission fee of around 3%.

If you have financial transfer and other related questions, kindly contact us at: