Human and Spiritual Dimension



Strengthening Community Leadership: SEA, Inc. Hosts Skills Training Workshop

On August 26, 2017, community leaders gathered at the SEA, Inc. Office in Brgy. Libongcogon, Zarraga, Iloilo, for a Leadership and Facilitating Skills Training Workshop. The event, facilitated by SEA, Inc. staff, focused on empowering leaders with the tools needed for effective facilitation.

The workshop delved into the qualities of a good facilitator, emphasizing communication, collaboration, and empathy. Participants were actively engaged, taking notes and closely listening as the speaker highlighted key leadership traits.

By the end of the session, community leaders left with enhanced skills and a renewed sense of purpose. The workshop showcased SEA, Inc.’s commitment to empowering local leaders, fostering positive change, and building resilient communities. The event not only facilitated learning but also strengthened the bonds among community leaders, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.

JULY 2017

Empowering Student Leaders: A Recap of DBJSMNHS and ZNHS Capability Building Workshops

In July 2017, Don Benjamin Jalandoni Sr. Memorial National High School (DBJSMNHS) and Zarraga National High School (ZNHS) hosted transformative Capability Building and Leadership Training sessions for their student leaders.

At DBJSMNHS, participants engaged in dynamic workshops covering effective communication, conflict resolution, and strategic decision-making. A highlight was a practical session on minute-taking, with students showcasing their skills through role-playing exercises. The positive and collaborative atmosphere fostered an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Following the success at DBJSMNHS, ZNHS continued the momentum with a focus on recognizing student leaders’ commitment. Certificates were awarded to acknowledge their active participation and dedication to personal and collective growth. Practical sessions, including role-playing activities, allowed ZNHS student leaders to apply theoretical knowledge, enhancing their ability to navigate leadership challenges in a school setting.

A key aspect of both workshops was the active involvement of student leaders in conducting meetings and sessions through role-playing. This hands-on approach provided valuable experiential learning, empowering students with the confidence to take charge in their schools.

In conclusion, the Capability Building and Leadership Training at DBJSMNHS and ZNHS played a crucial role in shaping effective and responsible student leaders. By investing in the development of these young minds, both schools are contributing to the creation of a positive and empowering educational environment, with the potential to influence communities and society at large positively.

TRUST Initiative Empowers Zarraga Town Leaders through Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence Course for Lasting Development

The Flagship Project of the Human and Spiritual Dimensions of Zarraga-SIAD or Larga Sustainable Zarraga is TRUST: Trustful Relationship Towards Unity-Action for Societal Transformation. The specific objectives of TRUST have already been explained here. Below are updates in pictures.

SEA conducted a course for town leaders on self-mastery using current findings of neuroscience and emotional intelligence, among  others. The attendance on this course was small (around 8) but consistent. The Course is already paying its developmental dividends in that all of those that pursued the course are currently playing key roles in the development of the town.


In the picture above, participants are doing an attention exercise based on watching one’s breath. This particular mindfulness exercise is the foundation exercise of many institutions including Google, Facebook, key personnel at the World Bank and other global institutions.

The attempt of the Course is to link local development efforts in Zarraga to the state- of-the-art in self-mastery globally.

SEA is planning to hold another course, this time for youth leaders.