Human and Spiritual Dimensions

The Flagship Project of the Human and Spiritual Dimensions of Zarraga-SIAD or Larga Sustainable Zarraga is TRUST: Trustful Relationship Towards Unity-Action for Societal Transformation. The specific objectives of TRUST have already been explained here. Below are updates in pictures.

SEA conducted a course for town leaders on self-mastery using current findings of neuroscience and emotional intelligence, among  others. The attendance on this course was small (around 8) but consistent. The Course is already paying its developmental dividends in that all of those that pursued the course are currently playing key roles in the development of the town.


In the picture above, participants are doing an attention exercise based on watching one’s breath. This particular mindfulness exercise is the foundation exercise of many institutions including Google, Facebook, key personnel at the World Bank and other global institutions.

The attempt of the Course is to link local development efforts in Zarraga to the state- of-the-art in self-mastery globally.

SEA is planning to hold another course, this time for youth leaders.