A Rainbow After the Rain…

They’ve been slashed, whipped and tested by pugadas (storm surges) and angry waves. Yet the small island of Punta Buri remains firm and strong in overcoming these rampage of environment.

The most recent calamity that have shaken the small island was last November 2013 when Typhoon Yolanda hit the Northern part of Panay Island.

The damage was very severe not just physically but also emotionally for the people have not encountered such furious typhoon as Yolanda.

People’s houses were gone; livelihoods were wiped out. Those were gloomy days for all Punta Burinians.

However, as Typhoon Yolanda set off on another disastrous journey, hope was still not lost in the hearts of the people. As different organizations, groups and institutions came and offered help and services, bit by bit, the people of Punta Buri began to see the light of their future.

Housing were organized by the Philippine Red Cross, Solar Panels were put up by ADRA and a lot more organizations were able to lend a helping hand in putting Punta Buri back on track again.

As one of its partner communities, the Solution Ecosystems Activator Incorporated (SEA, Inc.) have been working hand in hand with the Punta Burinians and going back and forth to the island to help them plan their future endeavors.

Typhoon Yolanda was long gone yet the fear of encountering another catastrophic calamity will always remain in the hearts of everyone who experienced it. Thus, the people were very much willing to do anything to prepare them when such time comes that another typhoon as strong as Yolanda would hit them.

With the cooperation and all out participation of the people of Punta Buri, they were able to finish their barangay action plan ready for their AIP or Annual Investment Plan this September. A new mission and vision statements were set, goal setting and its objectives were anchored to the seven (7) dimensions of development and their programs/projects were laid down ready for the approval of the General body of Brgy. Punta Buri.

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