A Step Towards a Zero-Plastic Community

Last August 9, 2019, during their Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) 3rd General Assembly, Culasi National High School agreed to pass a resolution to ban Single-used Plastic in their school premises (See Environmental Governance). With this, the Officer in Charge of the said school, Mr. Nicasio Valenzuela, requested the SEA, Inc. and some of his teachers to sit together to discuss how would this initiative would start its course since this will be all new to the school.

Thus today, September 18, 2019, SEA, Inc., presented by Noemi Oranio, Senior Municipal Coordinator, Elmer Jamolin, Municipal Coordinator – Ajuy, Lorela Locsin, Senior Researcher and Danica Keithly Celiz, Research, Documentation and Advocacy Officer, sat down together with some of CNHS’s teachers headed by Mr. Nicasio Valenzuela himself.

The team established the structure of the policy that they want to implement in CNHS based on three questions:

  1. Ano ang gusto nyo nga bag-ohun sa eskwelahan? (What are the things that you like to change in the school?)
  2. Ano ang mga pamalabag sang mga ini nga matabo? (What are the hindrances for this to happen?)
  3. Ano ang mga tikang para malambot ini nga handom para sa eskwelahan? (What are the actions to be taken to reach what we desire for the school?)

Concerns have been brought up in the group discussion. However, the team would always find a way to provide alternative solutions to these concerns.

By the end of the meeting, the teachers came into an agreement to form a group to consolidate the policy that they’ve started and after finalization, the team would gather again to finalize everything, ready for the implementation process in Culasi National High School.

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