About us


To activate solution ecosystems that address pervasive, recurring, and/or systemic challenges facing whole towns and cities as well as other local and national sectoral issues including but not limited to disaster risk reduction and management, sustainable agriculture, bayanihan or solidarity economics, holistic education, renewable energy, alternative health, social entrepreneurship, empowerment of indigenous peoples, cultural transformation, and others. Solution ecosystems are wide-ranging threefolding partnerships between civil society, government, and business aimed at mobilizing diverse talents, resources, and innovations to achieve sustainable societies.

  • To conduct research on and develop solution ecosystem prototypes, for eventual scaling up in institutions of LGUs, business, and/or civil society.
  • To educate, train, and mentor individuals and institutions in the science and art of installing solution ecosystems thru, among others, seminars, workshops, training programs and web-based platforms.
  • To provide assistance in activating solution ecosystems for partners and other interested institutions.
  • To network and evolve partnerships with similarly-inclined individuals and institutions for the benefit of Philippine society.