Bio-Dynamic Training: Being with Nature

In order to deliver a more comprehensive output and innovation to its partner communities and schools, the SEA, Inc. staff participated in the Bio-Dynamic Training that was held in the Center for Bayanihan Economics (CBE), Angat, Bulacan last October 14-20, 2019. The said activity was facilitated by SEA, Inc. Executive Director, Nicanor Perlas and was participated by various individuals who came from different LGUs, Academe and Civil Society Organizations.

The whole session was about the promotion of Sustainable Agriculture and the importance of Organic Farming and how Conventional Farming silently kills humans.

Early mornings and late afternoons were spent outdoors to give the participants a chance to have a first-hand farm experience in doing Composting, Green-Manuring, using kitchen waste as also a type of compost and land cultivation for planting. The participants also took turns in creating a vortex in bio-dynamic preparations that were sprinkled in the plots prepared for lettuces and corns and the compost that they have prepared.

During the indoor sessions, discussions on everything that has observed in the farm took place. The participants were also challenged to answer the questions, “What are the hazardous effects of chemical farming” and “Where is the real plant?” Discussions on Pest Management (Integrated and Ecological), Soil Fertility, Archetypes, Stages of Composting, Fundamental Function of the Ecosystem and the Levels of Cause also took place. Discussions on the seven (7) dimensions. societal trifolding and how the inner conditioning affects the results of individuals in achieving their desired goal whether it may be in farming, facilitating or any other activities, were also tackled.

Mr. Atilano Jude Cabangal also shared his experiences in implementing the Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SIAD) process in the city of Bayawan and how important is the participatory approach in achieving sustainable development.

Ms. Jean Entoy also shared her experiences as she was still trying to put together PESTALES and the difficulties that her team has went through during their journey until they have reached to where they are right now.

By the end of the training, the participants went back to their respective point of destination equipped with knowledge and strengthened hope for sustainable agriculture where farmers will no longer be ‘killers’ or ‘mass murdered’ but are instrument for prolonging life and promoting a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

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