Capability Building: “Where Are We Know?”

From time to time SEA, Inc. ensures that the staff is within the bound of the purpose and objectives of the organization.  To always walk the talk, because we are working for the community development, it is necessary that the people we are working with not just learn from what we are talking but also from what we are doing and practicing. 

It is also essential that SEA, Inc. staff is well equipped in going to the field holistically, because when one knows his/her purpose he/she can deliver to the community what is expected of him/her.  The values and the knowledge that are instilled constantly to the workers of the community resonates also to the people they are working with. 

Last July 13, 2019 ESSA team requested the SEA, Inc. Assistant Executive Director to hold a SIAD orientation.  This is to align what is SIAD specifically the seven (7) dimensions to be applied to the study and documentation the team will be conducting in preparation to the Sustainable Agriculture National Festival.  This is to equip the members of the team the framework of Sustainable Development.

Just after one week, the SEA, Inc. Assistant Executive Director prepared and facilitated another capability building on Good Governance.  This was participated by Sustainable Integrated Area Development   (SIAD) 3.0 staff and ESSA staff.  During the activity many realizations happened to the participants.  Each participant shared their individual and group commitment, on “what measures or action shall be undertaken to remain in the right path so that you will not deviate from what is expected from me/us”.  These commitments shall remain in each staff of SEA, Inc. either under the SIAD Program or the ESSA Program. 

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