Capacity Building: Punta Buri Brgy. Officials and Volunteers

For a group or an organization to grow, such organization must be selfless, must have cooperation and harmonious relationship among its members especially when they are dealing with other people.

Brgy. Punta Buri, Ajuy, Iloilo acknowledges this importance and gladly accepted the opportunity to undergo a Team Building and Capacity Building with SEA, Inc. Thus, last November 16 – 17, 2019, a total of 40 participants (Brgy. Officials and volunteers) of Brgy. Punta Buri went through such activity in Marbuena Island Resort, Ajuy, Iloilo.

The group went through several outdoor activities such as San Pedro (Catch the Flag), Water Relay, Longest Line, Scavengers’ Hunt and Thug of War during the first day and Amazing Race in the last day. Every one (men and women) participated in all the games that were prepared by the facilitators. Then reflections from individual participants were made during every after each activities. By night, the whole group gathered again for a deeper reflection on their selves and their work through several songs that the SEA, Inc. staff (facilitators) picked to be reflected upon.

It was surprising how after such solemn activity, individuals who have misunderstandings and conflicts before, reconciled and forgave one another for better good.

Socialization night followed where everyone sang to their hearts content.

During the closing program quite a few participants expressed their sentiments on the recently concluded team building. Saying that in order for an organization to work, clear communication and strategic thinking is needed. They also shared that there should be equality amongst the members of the organization in order for the organization to achieve its desired goal. They said that many are call but few are chosen that is why they should never give up amidst the critiques of other people for the betterment of their community – for sustainable development.

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