Cultural Dimension



“Unlocking the Power of Pen: Participants Empowered to Craft Winning Project Proposals at Dynamic Workshop!”

The Project Proposal Writing Workshop aimed to improve participants’ skills in proposal writing. Guest speakers from the government and LBMF were invited to provide insights on creating proposals based on specific templates and formats required by institutions. Over the two-day workshop, participants developed proposals in various categories, including infrastructure, agriculture, livelihood, and youth-related projects.

“Empowering Every Hero: First Aid and Bandaging Skills Reach All Corners of the Barangay!”

First Aid and Basic Bandaging Trainings were conducted at the community level, making them accessible to all volunteers in the barangay, including drivers, solo parents, and school paramedics. Participants expressed gratitude for having such training available in their barangay, as such activities are typically conducted in the town, limiting access to only a select few individuals.