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Badiang-Dawis Downstream Irrigators Association Thrives After Organizational Assessment

In the wake of a recent series of organizational assessments, the Badiang-Dawis Downstream Irrigators Association in Barangay Badiang is celebrating a significant milestone. The assessment, conducted on November 10, 2023, revealed that the association has been rated as Level 4 or Strong. This commendable rating signifies that the association’s documents are in impeccable order, policies are diligently implemented, the officers and structure are highly functional, and financial reporting is consistently observed.

One major focus project identified by the association is Mushroom Propagation, and they have already undergone orientation by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA). In their pursuit of excellence, the association plans to coordinate with the WESVIARC for future technical assistance. Moreover, they express eagerness to collaborate with various government agencies to secure funding for their proposed projects.

A noteworthy initiative is their proposal to LifeBank, focusing on the production of organic fertilizer and concoctions. This strategic move not only aligns with sustainable practices but also positions the association to contribute meaningfully to the agricultural landscape. The success of these endeavors will guide program staff in determining the necessary interventions for partner Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as part of the phase-out plan.

MAY 2023

“Youth take a STAND for the environment: New Lucena’sLakas Kabataan Forum’ sparks a green revolution!”

The focus remains on strengthening the capacities and camaraderie of stakeholders as the engagement with partner communities nears its end. Activities for the month include team building and leadership training aimed at reinforcing volunteerism and collaboration among stakeholders from preparation to facing various challenges.

One notable event is the “Lakas Kabataan Forum,” conducted in partnership with the Youth Development Council, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, and Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office. This forum brought together 65 young leaders from local secondary schools, along with teachers and advisers, for a two-day crash course on Solid Waste Management and Climate Change. Participants engaged in a clean-up drive, audited the gathered garbage, and presented ideas for community projects in partnership with relevant organizations. This initiative also led to the formation of a new youth group, “New Lucena Students Alliance for Nature and Development: NEW STAND.”

Stakeholder motivations and meetings continue to drive various programs and activities, with more individuals actively participating in the town’s development. The community’s commitment to growth and sustainability is evident through these ongoing efforts.

MARCH 2023

“Growing Green Connections: IPAT-SIAD Program Sows Seeds of Sustainability, Uniting CSOs and Providers for New Lucena’s Organic Agriculture Hub”

In the final months of the second year of the IPAT-SIAD Program implementation, the team has shifted its focus towards building the capacity of stakeholders to ensure sustainability. They are emphasizing the need to strengthen the relationship between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the Service Provider, with the goal of fostering future collaborations and partnerships for comprehensive town development. Multiple meetings involving SEA, LBF, the LCE, MPDO, and Bololacao National High School have been held as they work on shaping the New Lucena Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Hub, which encompasses the creation of a Farm School and Permaculture Area in New Lucena. This initiative aligns with the vision of Mayor Liecel Mondejar-Seville, who aims to make their municipality a hub for organic agriculture.


“LBF’s Sustainable Sojourn: A Thriving Tryst with New Lucena’s Farming Frontiers and Community Catalysts”

LBF organized a project site visit to New Lucena, involving partner communities, the LGU, and two Farmers’ Associations working on sustainable agriculture projects. During the visit, they interacted with community members, met individuals from various barangay organizations, and engaged with people’s organizations implementing the IPAT-SIAD Program. It’s worth noting that the aforementioned Farmers’ Organizations are making progress in securing funding from LBF. In New Lucena, where most of the land is dedicated to agriculture, a range of environmental initiatives and activities have been implemented, involving not only farmers but also other community stakeholders, including 14 elementary schools and 4 secondary schools. Mayor Liecel Mondejar-Seville has been recognized for her Environmental Hub Project, named the New Lucena Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Hub, which will be located on MLGU-owned land in Brgy Guinobatan, New Lucena. This project aims to establish a farm school and a permaculture farm to educate young people about the importance of organic farming.


“From Farm to Fame: Carillo Farm Tour Inspires Local Chief Executive to Champion Sustainable Farming!”

A Farm Tour at Carillo Farm was organized, with selected farmers participating. The tour aimed to provide farmers with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in integrated farming. During the tour, Ma’am Carillo shared the farming technologies used on her farm, and the group observed how the land was effectively utilized, even on steep and sloped terrain. The tour concluded with participants sharing their insights and learning experiences. As a result, the Local Chief Executive (LCE) pledged support for farmers and associations interested in organic farming, vermicomposting, and odorless pig farming.