“From Individualism into a Collective Women Association” JELICUON ESTE WOMEN ASSOCIATION (JEWA): A SUCCESS STORY

Written by: Angela Betita

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, finding efficient ways to earn, learn, and develop new skills is essential. In line with this, Solution Ecosystems Activator (SEA) Inc., supported by LifeBank Foundation, Inc.  in partnership with the Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) of Jelicuon Este, New Lucena, Iloilo organized a livelihood training on October 27, 2023. The focus of the training was non-bake food production, led by Mrs. Rosanna P. Constantino, the Municipal Coordinator of SEA Inc. She guided the participants through the creation of various non-bake foods, including Pitsi-Pitsi, Kutsinta, Tuna Pie, Buchi, and Puto Pizza.

The training proved to be a success, with participants creating 15 pieces each of Buchi and Puto Pizza, 30 pieces of Tuna Pie, and 28 pieces of Sapin-Sapin. These products were shared among the members and Barangay Officials.

Throughout the training, the participants exhibited genuine enthusiasm for learning new skills, visibly enjoying the hands-on experience. With the support of Barangay Officials, the activity became a resounding success. Mrs. Rosanna P. Constantino and Angela L. Betita expressed their gratitude to all participants, encouraging them to sustain the skills they acquired.

In response, the members formed an association after the training to ensure the continuity of the livelihood project. They started selling “kakanin” every other day within their community and nearby schools. The members attribute their transformed way of living from individual earners to a unified group. With this, they are now economically productive and socially involved in the community. According to them, SEA Inc. not only provided an opportunity to earn money but also fostered unity among the members, making their livelihood project a sustainable success.

After the implementation of a comprehensive non-bake training program, the association witnessed a transformative shift of its member skills and collaboration. At present, members of the association are equipped with a diverse skill set acquired through training. The newfound expertise of the participants led to an elevated association and a dynamic and successful livelihood business at the Barangay.

The Jelicuon Este Women Association (JEWA) stand as a how a well-crafted sector of Brgy. Jelicuon Este because they showed how they value the unity among its members and the role of women not only as housekeepers but active partner of the barangay promoting an independent and productive individual. The success story of the Jelicuon Este Women Association (JEWA) is not just the skills they acquired but also about the shift of mindset. The members embraced a growth-oriented perspective viewing challenges and opportunities for the improvement. Failures become their stepping stone to continue, with a resilient spirit permeating throughout the association.

As the association continues its journey towards legitimacy and with the help of our organization Solution Ecosystem Activator (SEA) Inc. and LifeBank Foundation, Inc. through IPAT-SIAD program – the crafting of Constitution and By-Laws. This essential groundwork not only solidifies the association structure but also lays the foundation for its registration, not just to enhance the association credibility but also open doors to various benefits and privileges.

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