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Strengthening Community Leadership: BDC Leadership Training in Brgy. Punta Buri

In a proactive move towards community development, the Barangay Development Council (BDC) of Brgy. Punta Buri recently conducted a leadership training program. The diverse group of 42 attendees included 10 BLGUs, 15 CSOs, 13 students, and 4 SEA staff.

The training covered vital aspects of leadership, emphasizing community development strategies, effective communication, collaboration, and project management. Specific attention was given to understanding the unique dynamics of Brgy. Punta Buri.

Anticipated outcomes include a more empowered and collaborative network among stakeholders, equipped with enhanced skills for strategic thinking and problem-solving. The BDC’s investment in community leadership is expected to yield positive impacts, fostering a united effort for a brighter and more sustainable future in Brgy. Punta Buri.

MAY 2018 TO APRIL 2019

Nurturing Future Leaders: Leadership and Team Building Training

A Leadership and Team Building Training session focused on climate change, leadership concepts, and traits of a good leader was conducted at Culasi National High School Earth Steward on September 06, 2018. Resource speakers Gino Daniel Chiang, John Evic Arante, and Johnny Cristobal imparted knowledge to 65 school student leaders, contributing to the development of future leaders