Impact of IPAT-SIAD Governance Program

As the partnership with the Municipality of New Lucena continue to progress, the implementation of the Integrated Participatory Accountability and Transparency for Sustainable Integrated Area Development (IPAT-SIAD) Governance Program have embarked on a remarkable journey. All pilot grassroots community have already laid down and established their strategic plans that were put together by the threefold participation during the planning phase by the representatives from the government, civil society and the business sector.

In the midst of the engagement in the communities, many realizations were made and hopes were rekindled again for the pursuit of what is best for their own community and self.

Brgy Badiang, just like the other pilot communities for the IPAT-SIAD Governance Program, have realized the importance of self-check ins, self-awareness and self-conditioning not just for notable decision makings but also for their day-to-day lives. It was also realized during one of their meetings how relevant it is to create a group or an organization of people that engage in cut flowers and ornamentals for better cooperation and widening their circle in selling potted plants. Thus, one of the barangay official, Kagawad Cornelio Figueroa, have taken on the initiative and challenge to meet with the identified people who are currently into cut flowers and ornamentals for the possibility of becoming an organization. Conversations amongst the group on like making their vision and mission, internal rules and regulations, organizational structuring and a lot more are still going on but there is indeed high hopes in making this into reality.

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