Livelihood Training Empowering the Solo Parents

Written by: Leanne Marie L. Palencia

Barangay Damires, New Lucena, Iloilo – Last November 18, 2023, a Livelihood training for the Solo Parents of Barangay Damires was conducted through the support of Solution Ecosystems Activator (SEA), Inc. The members of the Solo Parents agreed to make Atchara or Pickled Papaya as their livelihood project which was led by Ms. Araceli Bernosa, a Solo Parent member who shared her skill in Atchara preparation. She taught her members by allowing them to do the procedures on making the product.

In addition to Atchara, they were trained also to make Embutido as an alternative or even for household consumption.

After the training, the group was able to produced 29 packs (250ml/container) of Atchara and distributed to each member who are willing to sell.

Ms. Rosanna P. Constantino, SEA Municipal Coordinator appreciated the effort of every member and she encouraged them to sustain what they have started. The members agreed to continue the initiative and they were thankful for the help of SEA, Inc. in giving them an opportunity to have a livelihood

like this wherein they will become economically and socially productive by generating some income out of this project and at the same time, allowed them to actively participate in their association.

During the training, the members of Damires Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (DATODA) and some senior citizens were also present and helped the group in making the activity a success. This shows that the concept of bayanihan was still practiced because not only the group of Solo Parents are working and helping each other, but also the people around the community was willing to help without anything in return. The barangay officials of Brgy. Damires was likewise very supportive and they provided some logistics needed in the venue.

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