The Dynamic Bita-og Gaja Rural Workers Association Members Undergo Poultry Management Training Skills

Written by: Leslie Pacheco

On March 15, 2024, the Bitaog-Gaja Rural Workers Association (BiGRuWA) composed of 15 members attended a training on Poultry Management and Disease Prevention at Zone 3, Brgy. Bitaog-Gaja in the Municipality of New Lucena. The Solution Ecosystems Activator (SEA Inc.) and through the help of the technical expertise of Mr. Frederick Erick Paniza (Agricultural Technician of the Municipal Agriculture) assisted them on this proposed poultry management training. The training intended to enhance the skills and knowledge of the members in poultry management since they are proposing a livelihood project, the Rhode Island Red Chicken Raising.


During the training, Mr. Frederick Erick Paniza, as the resource person emphasized the importance and proper poultry management to successful quality production. He also shared that the demand for native chicken and eggs is high and the price is increasing as well. He also inspected and assessed the target site for the proposed project. In addition, a good hygiene practice in this kind of project should be maintained because diseases can be acquired from dead animals and contaminated surroundings. Furthermore, he mentioned also how to treat common poultry diseases such as New Castle or “Aratay” and other chronic respiratory diseases; and local plants introduced as medicine. He indicated that it is highly recommended to get chickens fully immunized to prevent those diseases.

Indeed, BiGRuWA members impressed and grateful for the said poultry management training. The BiGRuWA association highly appreciated the help they received on this initiative to engage in this kind of livelihood project to raise Rhode Island Red chickens. They were hoping and embrace a better and successful endeavor with SEA Inc. and other partners in the future.

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