Societal Dimension



Promoting Accountability and Sustainability Through PIME Team Meetings

To reinforce accountability and sustainability, the SEA program staff initiated meetings with the Program Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation (PIME) Team in Barangay Badiang on November 17 and Barangay Bololacao on November 24.

The meetings involved a comprehensive review of the strategic plan formulated in 2021, assessing the status and level of accomplishment of specific programs/projects outlined in the plan. In Barangay Badiang, plans not yet implemented will be incorporated into the development agenda of the newly elected Punong Barangay. Recommendations included conducting meetings or workshops to identify specific livelihood needs, updating records, profiling sectoral organizations, mapping Agri-Eco Tourism sites, and enhancing youth skills in vlogging.

Transparency and Participatory Governance: CSOs Engage in Budget Hearing

On November 21, 2023, the Executive Director, Ms. Mary Ann Fanega, and Municipal Coordinator, Ms. Rosanna P. Constantino, participated in the Budget Hearing alongside other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) accredited to the Sangguniang Bayan of New Lucena. The Committee Chairperson, Hon. Atty. Carl Mondejar, facilitated the review of the proposed budget for 2024. Notably, Mr. Willy Labaro suggested conducting consultations before the budget hearing to incorporate CSOs’ suggestions into the budget plan of concerned agencies.

Budget allocations, especially for Senior Citizens, were clarified, and the proposed budget for 2024 gained approval from the CSOs, highlighting a commitment to transparency and participatory governance.

Empowering Communities Through Participatory Resource Appraisal (PRA) Training

On November 30, 2023, the program staff actively participated in a training-orientation on Participatory Resource Appraisal (PRA) facilitated by Mr. Ronie Bautista. The session introduced various tools and methodologies, with staff engaging in practical exercises, including the creation of Resource Maps and Spot Map.


Local Governance Takes Strides Towards Inclusive Development: CSO Workshop and CIT Meeting Shape 2024 Investment Plans

In a significant move towards fostering inclusive development, the Local Government Units (LGUs) recently organized a successful Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Workshop in expansion and pilot barangays. The workshop, conducted by SEA, provided a platform for CSOs to address concerns directly with government agencies. The identified issues are now under consideration for inclusion in the upcoming 2024 Annual Investment Plan.

During the workshop, engaging discussions unfolded on key topics such as globalization, PA 21, and the Sustaining the Gains Framework. This marks a proactive effort to align local initiatives with broader developmental strategies.

In the recent CIT meeting on September 12, 2023, project statuses in expansion areas took center stage. The meeting emphasized the imperative to reorganize key associations, including KALIPI, PYAP, and the Solo Parent Association. Moreover, plans were unveiled for upcoming activities, including more CSO Workshops and the revival of the Chamber of Commerce. The CIT proposed designating an LGU personnel dedicated to sustainability efforts.

Notably, the CIT Support Group’s status is on hold until after the election period, demonstrating a strategic approach to navigate potential changes in leadership.

In a commendable display of collaboration, two CIT members actively participated in the CSO Workshops, providing valuable inputs on crucial sectors such as agriculture, solo parenting, and senior citizens. Meanwhile, PIDECO, a SEA partner cooperative, extended support to Trisikad Drivers through a livelihood project.

As part of the IPAT-SIAD, project staff engaged in extensive face-to-face communication, including house visits. This personalized approach aimed to establish rapport with stakeholders and identify potential leaders, underscoring a commitment to grassroots involvement.

The proactive involvement of LGUs, CSOs, and cooperative partners, as highlighted in the workshop and CIT meeting, sets a promising foundation for local development strategies in the coming year. The emphasis on inclusivity and sustainability bodes well for fostering a resilient and thriving community.


“Strengthening Forces for Town’s Progress: Meet the Dynamic New Additions to the IPAT-SIAD Team!”

During the Monthly Regular Meeting of the Collective IPAT-SIAD Team, new members were introduced, including HRMO (Ma’am Dinah), MAFC (Mr. Lusaya), GSO (Engr. Lumigo), and the Organic Agriculture Focal Person (Ma’am Fernandez), to enhance collaboration for the town’s development programs. The group also received a refresher on their roles and responsibilities within the CIT.


Reviving Forward: Tricycle Association Shifts into High Gear with Approved Constitution, Eyes Government Recognition!

The Badiang Tricycle Owners and Drivers Association successfully adopted and approved their Constitution and By-Laws during a general assembly of their members. Their next move will involve applying for registration with DOLE and seeking accreditation from the Sangguniang Bayan.

The Cabilauan Solo Parents Association has completed the production of their second batch of Dishwashing Liquid. In addition, the project proposals of BADA Irrigators Association and Cabilauan Farmers Association were edited and finalized based on the guidance and recommendations provided by LBF.

“SEA Staff Sail Smoothly into 2023: Assessing Progress and Charting a Course for Success in New Lucena”

The SEA Staff conducted a Staff Development and a Year-End Assessment to reflect on their progress as they reached the midpoint of implementing the IPAT-SIAD Governance Program in New Lucena. During the assessment, they highlighted their achievements and identified areas for improvement in the coming year, 2023.


“SEA Staff Embark on IPAT-SIAD Adventure, Discovering Urban-Rural Dynamics and Unleashing the Power of Partnerships!”

Three SEA staff members, Mary Ann Fanega, Elmer Jamolin, and Danica Keithly Celiz, visited Iriga City to observe PTFA’s community organizing efforts for the IPAT-SIAD Governance Program. They noted a distinction between urban and rural community work processes during their interaction with constituents, partner SUC, and PFTA communities. Notably, PTFA benefits from a robust partnership with the Polytechnic State University of Bicol, which can contribute to livelihood and entrepreneurial training for their partner communities.


“Reviving Local People’s Organizations: IPAT-SIAD Governance Program Takes Action Amidst Pandemic”

In response to the pandemic’s impact on partner communities, the team is actively working to revive local people’s organizations as the first quarter of Year II of the IPAT-SIAD Governance program concludes. Ms. Divinia Babaylo, a CIT member and the Federation President of the Solo Parents in the Province of Iloilo, is leading the reactivation of Solo Parent organizations. Brgy. Badiang is also taking steps to revive their Transport Group, 4H Club, and PYAP youth organizations.

Additionally, the Pag-asa Youth Association of the Philippines in Brgy. Damires is brainstorming programs and activities to benefit local youth. These proposals are being considered for inclusion in the barangay’s plan/AIP after productive discussions with community members.

During the CIT Members’ Regular Meeting, accomplished programs were presented, and those yet to be achieved were scheduled for the next quarter. Staff Development and a face-to-face Peer-to-Peer Learning Workshop were conducted to foster a harmonious workplace environment and acquaint newly hired employees with their responsibilities.

The SEA and PTFA Team held a meeting to share their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments during the IPAT-SIAD Governance program’s implementation. Both teams presented their action plans and deliverables for Year II of the program.

JULY 2022

Building Bridges: Sharing Concerns with Department Heads at the CIT Regular Meeting

During the CIT regular meeting, members listed their concerns for inclusion in the MLGU budget and shared these with department heads. Basic Parliamentary Procedure and Resolution Making workshops were held for Brgy Officials and Civil Society Organizations. The Arts and Craft Workshop focused on knitting and was attended by various community members to provide additional skills. Additionally, a Quarterly PIME meeting in Brgy Badiang assessed progress on the Strategic Plan’s programs and projects.


Spotlight on the Youth Camp and Team Building Event in Bucari, Leon, Iloilo: Empowering Youth for Nation Building

During the National Election Campaign period, activities at the Municipal and Community Levels faced challenges, but they also led to collaborations with other organizations and departments to raise awareness about citizens’ right to vote. Partnerships were formed with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting and 4Ps, enabling a Voter’s Education Campaign at the community level. Additionally, a Youth Camp and Team Building event in Bucari, Leon, Iloilo, involving approximately 40 young people, emphasized the significant role of youth in nation building and the importance of their participation in sustainable and just development, with support from the local government.


Labaro & LCE’s Innovative Collaboration: Bridging Grassroots Dreams and Municipal Action!”

The IPAT-SIAD Governance Program involves implementing programs and projects identified in grassroots and municipal-level strategic plans. The CIT, led by Sir Willy Labaro, is planning to meet with the LCE and department heads to clarify their roles in carrying out these initiatives. They also plan to have quarterly meetings to track the progress of program implementation.


“Municipal Department Heads Eager to Lead Projects within Their Purview”

At the municipal level, the CIT has progressed to the action planning phase. This involves determining the timeline for program/project implementation, assigning responsibilities to specific departments, and identifying funding sources. Department heads expressed enthusiasm for leading projects within their purview. The Office in Charge of New Lucena Polytechnic College highlighted areas where collaboration with TESDA and NLPC could be beneficial.

At the community level, strategic plans are undergoing refinement, with each community recognizing its unique needs. During the refinement phase, communities are envisioning actions to address these needs. Brgy Cabilauan has initiated its planning phase through an Appreciative Inquiry Workshop.


“Taking the Next Step: Municipal and Community Plans Under Scrutiny”

At the Municipal Level, the CIT is diligently refining plans, thoroughly examining goals, objectives, and programs/projects across all dimensions. At the Community Level, all four barangays have completed drafting their strategic plans and are currently in the process of refining them.


“Overcoming Apprehensions: How the Staff Remains Proactive in Conducting Activities Despite Constraints”

Despite pandemic constraints and apprehensions from Punong Barangays due to executive orders, the staff remains proactive in conducting activities whenever possible. The Local Chief Executive, Hon. Liecel Modejar-Seville, clarified that these activities are considered government-initiated due to established partnerships. At the municipal level, the CIT is in the process of refining a 3-year Strategic Plan. At the barangay level, all except Brgy Cabilauan have entered the planning phase, rediscovering their communities, envisioning aspirations, and laying down plans to achieve their goals.

JULY 2021

Balancing Safety and Participation: Exploring the Decision to Cancel Scheduled Activities in Iloilo City

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Iloilo City and the province, the community quarantine status was elevated to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). This led to the cancellation of planned activities at the municipal and barangay levels. Despite the Mayor’s approval to proceed with municipal-level activities, concerns among participants about the risk of virus transmission in large gatherings and the potential sanctions for not following the governor’s mandates led to the decision to cancel scheduled events.

JUNE 2021

Grassroots-Level Immersion: A Closer Look at the IPAT-SIAD Program in Barangay Bilidan

In Barangay Bilidan, a Program Orientation with Participatory Resource Appraisal was conducted as part of the ongoing grassroots-level immersion for the implementation of the IPAT-SIAD program. During the reevaluation phase, it was discovered that a household database in Bilidan existed but was in alphabetical order, posing challenges for volunteers. Meetings with barangay volunteers were scheduled to refine the data and ensure completeness and accuracy. At the Municipal Level, engagement reached the planning phase with an Appreciative Inquiry approach, encouraging a positive and constructive outlook. Participatory Community Planning Workshops followed, where stakeholders envisioned and outlined their dreams for the municipality across seven Dimensions of Sustainable Development. Barangay Damires has also entered the planning phase after an introductory Appreciative Inquiry Workshop.

MARCH 2021

“Mayor Liecel Mondejar-Seville’s Bold Move to Expand the IPAT-SIAD Program”

The IPAT-SIAD Governance Program initiated its preliminary entry into pilot communities. Originally, the program was planned for implementation in three communities, but Mayor Liecel Mondejar-Seville suggested doubling that number to encourage community participation and development. After selecting the pilot barangays based on specific criteria and recommendations, SEA, Inc. and the IPAT-SIAD Task Force conducted a program orientation in these communities.

Following the orientation, five communities expressed interest in and commitment to the program. The community councils were given time to consider their course of action, and an agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement was presented during each council’s meeting. The program required a resolution from the community councils authorizing their Punong Barangay to enter into the Memorandum of Agreement with the IPAT-SIAD Task Force.

The next steps include the signing of the MOA with the pilot communities and organizing a Capacity and Skills Building Workshop for the Collective ISG Team.


Strengthening Environmental Stewardship: Core Team Advances Outreach Activities with DENR Barangay Meetings

The Core Team is taking a significant step in community engagement and environmental stewardship by scheduling a Courtesy Meeting with representatives from four barangays (Progreso, Badiangan, Agbobolo, and Sto. Rosario) under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The meeting aims to foster collaboration, address environmental challenges, and discuss potential projects. The Core Team’s meticulous planning reflects its commitment to community involvement and a shared responsibility for environmental conservation. This outreach effort not only strengthens ties with the DENR but also seeks to inspire positive changes in behavior within the local communities, highlighting the power of collaboration for meaningful environmental impact.