The Empowerment of Collective IPAT-SIAD Team (CIT) for Good Governance

The Collective IPAT-SIAD Team (CIT) is a group of individuals from CSOs, LGU functionaries, and other stakeholders. Formed as part of the IPAT-SIAD program, their purpose is to track the progress of development in line with municipal strategic plans. Established on December 4, 2021, the team has been active for almost three years.

Operating with a mission focused on Transparency and Accountability for good governance in New Lucena, the CIT consistently meets monthly, prioritizing the review of unaccomplished projects or programs outlined in their strategic plan.

The CIT sets a shining example of effective policy implementation in society. Notably, the team has achieved milestones such as creating resolutions, ordinances, councils, budget provisions, and fostering stewardship for sustainable development.

In the spirit of “alone we are weak, but together we are strong,” the CIT draws strength from collaboration. While acknowledging the challenges of sustainability, the team finds fulfillment in overcoming them, guided by principles of development that inspire their mission for progress in the municipality of New Lucena.

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