A Week of Transformative Action by Solution Ecosystems Activator

In a dedicated week from November 3 to 10, 2023, Solution Ecosystems Activator, Inc. (SEA) demonstrated unwavering commitment to community development and sustainable partnerships through its IPAT-SIAD Governance initiative.

The week began with a strategic focus on program expansion and partner identification within Municipal and Barangay Local Government Units. SEA’s proactive approach, involving meetings with key stakeholders and local leaders, resulted in positive verbal agreements. Notably, a follow-up coordination with the LGU of Sta. Barbara led to a compelling presentation to the Vice Mayor about the IPAT-SIAD Governance program.

Continuing the momentum, a crucial dialogue with the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator of MPDO Sta. Barbara confirmed actionable steps and laid the groundwork for necessary endorsements. Simultaneously, program orientations engaged department heads, and key municipal gatekeepers were identified.

From November 7 to 10, SEA made significant strides in community development in Barangay Jelicuon Este. The program, targeting individuals and groups, involved profiling, coaching, and training. A group of empowered women formed a cohesive association, reflecting SEA’s commitment to nurturing grassroots leadership and fostering community-driven initiatives.

Simultaneously, from November 6 to 10, SEA conducted an extensive immersion and training program for new staff members in New Lucena, focusing on the IPAT-SIAD Governance initiative. The program included face-to-face interactions, house-to-house visits, and engagement with Civil Society Organization members, showcasing practical application and economic benefits.

Dedicated efforts from November 3 to 9 focused on sharing program insights, meticulous project evaluation, and knowledge documentation. SEA emphasized transparency by publishing articles on MOA signing and ICW quotes, along with program outputs and pictures related to the seven dimensions of the SIAD framework on their website.

Preparatory and coordination meetings with ICW Bulacan graduates on November 7 and 10 showcased achievements related to long-term strategic goals. Active mentoring, kamustahan sessions, and collaborations with Mayor Liecel Seville highlighted SEA’s commitment to supporting and developing ICW graduates.

A Follow-up Meeting on November 4, 2023, with Damires Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association and Solo Parent Association demonstrated commitment to capacity building and sustainability. Agreements for targeted livelihood and a proposed training for solo parents on November 18, 2023, further showcased tangible steps toward skill development.

On November 10, 2023, the Organizational Capacity and Needs Assessment for Badiang-Dawis Downstream Irrigators Association, Inc. yielded positive results, with a Level 4 rating indicating strength in various areas. The association’s focus on Mushroom Propagation and collaboration plans underscored its robust organizational foundation and proactive project development.

Long-term strategic goals, including providing entrepreneurial skills and technical assistance, were advanced through follow-up assistance for the Cabilauan Farmers Association on November 3 and 7, 2023. Emphasis on continuous activation of the Project Implementation and Monitoring Team and regular meetings showcased a comprehensive approach to achieving goals.

Efforts toward the activation of the Peoples’ Council faced challenges but demonstrated ongoing commitment to advancing rights and support within the community.

In summary, the week was a beacon of progress for SEA, marked by significant strides in partnership building, community engagement, and staff development. The establishment of a robust foundation for the long-term sustainability of the IPAT-SIAD Governance initiative underscores SEA’s dedication to holistic community development and collaborative efforts, reflecting a commitment to creating enduring positive change.

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