Written by: Christine Bugarin

The Collective IPAT-SIAD Team (CIT) of New Lucena had its monthly meeting on April 11, 2024, located in Baganihan Hall composed of 13 participants from the Municipality of New Lucena- LGU Department Heads and CSOs. Solution Ecosystems Activators (SEA), Inc. shared the program updates from March to the present.

The SEA, Inc. shared the ongoing and upcoming activities of the IPAT-SIAD program in the presence and support of different department heads and CSOs. Similarly, the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) led by Mr. Kenneth Sobremisana would facilitate the conduct of first aid training on the following days in Barangay Cabugao and Bita-og Gaja and encourage the creation of the First Aid Response Team in every barangay instead of Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT).

The SEA, Inc. introduced other related activities like the orientation on hydroponic gardening to Brgy. Calumbuyan; learning visit and skills training on mushroom growing in Sta. Barbara; and technical assistance through HRMO New Lucena on helping their Employees Association.

The Municipal Coordinator, Ms. Rosanna P. Constantino gratefully acknowledged the supportive CIT members for their support of the IPAT-SIAD program especially the leadership of Mayor Liecel Mondejar-Seville and Vice Mayor Isabelo Acollador, who supported the ongoing creation of the People’s Council. The IPAT-SIAD program implementation, project proposal workshop, follow-up CSO meeting for the people’s council, creation of group chat, and some recommendations are also discussed.

Mr. Wilfredo Labaro, the CIT Chairperson greatly appreciated the IPAT-SIAD Program team and is hoping to organize the people’s council in the Municipality of New Lucena. The CSO members are grateful and willing to assist through training and other capacity-building activities to create more empowered and strong organizations in New Lucena with the help of the IPAT-SIAD program.

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