Calumbuyan Women Association: Together We Stand, Together We Won

Written by: Christine Bugarin

Amid the scorching heat of the sun, the Solution Ecosystems Activator (SEA), Inc. initiated to organize the women sector of Brgy. Calumbuyan aside from the existing organization created under the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) in the Municipality of New Lucena. The participants include solo parents, senior citizens, PWDs, housewives, and barangay elected officials. 

During the meeting, it emphasized the importance of an organization. It created an opportunity to bring up their voice, issues, and concerns to the barangay and municipal level. Through organizing it, the women’s sector will have their representative in the Barangay Development Council. 

The group agreed to form an association called Calumbuyan Women’s Association (CWA). The core officers of the organization are appointed from President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor. Rules and functions of the officers and members are defined during the formulation of the constitution and by-laws (CBL) of the organization.

The CWA has also arrived at different ideas for them to start up their upcoming income-generating program. The team introduced hydroponic gardening to CWA members and agreed to acquire knowledge about the orientation. The CWA is eager to participate in future activities or programs that will be conducted about this initiative and encourage others to be members of the association.

Through this meeting, the members of CWA realized that group participation matters most.  Initiating the creation of a new organization in their barangay must possess determination, willingness, and commitment that start within themselves.

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