Rising Together: Transformation and empowerment through Inner Conditioning

Written by: Mary Angelic L. Muzones

In the heart of diverse community, a group of individuals came together with a shared desire for personal transformation and growth. Inner Conditioning Workshop was facilitated by Solution Ecosystems Activator Incorporated (SEA Inc.) last April 17-2, 2023 at Barangay Encanto, California Street, Angat Bulacan, under the Integrated Participatory Accountability and Transparency towards Sustainable Integrated Area Development (IPAT-SIAD) program supported by the Life Bank Foundation.  It was participated by the LGU officials and employees of New Lucena and Collective IPAT-SIAD TEAM members that was created by SEA, Inc. Through this 5-day workshop, everyone had the opportunity to share their experiences and journey not only to reshaped individual lives but also created a tapestry of shared triumphs, resilience, and empowered minds.

 The process of inner conditioning did not end after the workshop. SEA, Inc. also invited the 5 pilot barangays which are Cabilauan, Badiang, Damires, Bololacao and Bilidan also the New Lucena Teachers to undergo the same. This initiative of SEA gave opportunity to the leaders and mentors who are serving their respective communities, teaching children and young people by knowing their self meaningfully and deepen their trust to the Divine grace. Through this workshop, leaders can influence others by their leadership journey and contribute success for creating change. Teachers serves as mentors and role models to their students. Teachers with positive inner conditioning are more likely established trust, understanding and closer engagements to their students.

Inner conditioning is an ongoing process that requires dedication, self-reflection and a commitment to personal growth. It empowers individuals to consciously shape their internal landscapes, fostering a mindset that supports resilience, positivity, and fulfilment in various aspects of life.

The group, comprising people from different various stages of life embarked the journey of inner conditioning. Facing the world with self-doubt, stress, sense of dissatisfaction, not knowing their strength, recognizing the need for change, they develop self-discovery, understanding that true success begins with inner fulfilment.

As the workshop unfolded, the Bulacan, Barangay LGU and Teachers group created an initiative to strengthen their inner condition. They created a monthly follow up session, where the power of community support played a pivotal role. Regular monthly group meetings in person became a forum for open discussions, sharing of experiences, and mutual encouragement. Accountability was established ensuring that each member remained committed to their personal development journey.

The group’s strength lay in its ability to embrace vulnerability. Participants shared personal challenges and triumphs, creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding. Empathy became a driving force, with each member supporting others through their unique struggles.

The growth of each member still remains as they go in their everyday journey. Like Nanay Divinia, a single parent and CIT member. She entered the inner conditioning workshop at crossroad in life. Struggling with self-doubt, stress, and lack of direction. The workshop presented an opportunity for her to explore the power of her mind and emotions in shaping the truth of reality. Instead of viewing challenges as obstacles, she learned to perceived them as opportunities for growth.

Inner Conditioning helps me to understand the power of emotions, manage stress, handle conflicts gracefull, know myself deeper and makes my faith more stronger than before.”

Nanay Divinia

The success story of this group’s experience in inner conditioning is not just a collection of individual achievements but a testament to the power of communal growth. Together, they proved that the journey towards personal empowerment is richer, more profound, and infinitely more impactful when shared. The collective transformation echoes the truth that, in the process of rising individually, they rose together, creating a legacy of resilience, shred empowerment, and lasting bonds.

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