Cultural Dimension


The Flagship Project of the Cultural Dimension of Zarraga-SIAD or Larga Sustainable Zarraga is UPLIFT: Unusual Possibilities for Learning Integral Freedom and Truth. The specific objectives of UPLIFT have already been explained. Below are updates in pictures.

SIAD and MISSION Courage Workshop

The key initiatives of UPLIFT are its MISSION Courage Workshop (MCW) and SIAD Workshops. Both workshops lead, step by step, to an understanding of the substance that already lives within the participants themselves. They both harness the collective intelligence of the group. They both create the enabling conditions to develop trust and confidence in each other. Together with the harnessing of collective intelligence, trust, as we have seen, is the necessary precondition for installing solution ecosystems in general and in Zarraga in particular.


MISSION Courage Workshop (MCW) leads participants into the discovery that one’s inner condition affects the kinds of truth that they discover about life and the kind of results they are able to achieve out of this truth. It shows how meaningful sustainable societal transformation is based on profound inner change and self-mastery.

Zarraga Mayor Tarrosa participates in SEA's SIAD and MISSION Courage Workshops.
Zarraga Mayor Tarrosa (in white) participates in SEA’s SIAD and MISSION Courage Workshops.

Under the context of solution ecosystems installation, the Sustainable Integrated Area Development (or SIAD) Workshop is the sister workshop of MCW. It draws out from participants their understanding of the challenges that the town of Zarraga faces. It becomes clear to them that the challenges are multifaceted and cluster themselves into the seven dimensions of SIAD. They realize the importance of culture (the collective habits of perception, understanding and action) in the solution of these problems. They find solutions that are able to address the widest range of these challenges. And then they develop beginning programs, projects and initiatives.


The participants come from all walks of life and all sectors of society. In both workshops, the leading political leaders, including the Mayor, several legislators, sixteen barangays (village) chairmen, together with key leaders of civil society and business attended the workshops.


It is no wonder that the mayor implemented one key project, the building of a new and major access road, one week after the SIAD workshop.

The pictures below capture the intensive participatory processes in both workshops.




In addition, SEA is planning to have both the Zarraga Civil Society Network for Sustainable Development or ZARNET.SD and the ZBC or Zarraga Business Club take the MCW and SIAD Workshops . ZBC is the association of business executives in the town. ZARNET.SD has already agreed to do Courage Workshop, framed as leadership development especially for the youth.

Both workshops are required in order to advance SIAD through societal threefolding. SEA was key to helping organize both ZARNET.SD and ZBC.