Engaging Communities through Participatory Resource Appraisal (PRA)

Written by: Angelic Muzones

“Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford

The Solution Ecosystems Activator ( SEA), Inc. , conducted a Participatory Resource Appraisal last December 22, 2023, at Brgy. Janipaan Oeste, New Lucena, Iloilo with 25 participants including CSO representatives, Barangay Officials headed by Punong Barangay Alexander Galache. The PRA Training serves as a powerful tool for promoting community engagement, empowerment and sustainable resource management. It is also stand out as a methodology that empowers community to actively engage in the planning, updating and management of their resources.

Through participation in PRA Training, the participants develop valuable different workshops such as Updating their Spot Map, Data Analysis of their Household inventory (HHI), analyzing resources within their respective community/area. The Venn diagram also included which is a visual representation of the relationship between different organization in their community and lastly, 24 Hour Recall, in which the day to day life routine of individual materialize according to their availability. By engaging and first time to have PRA in their barangay, people in community promote inclusivity, empowers community members, generate contextual solutions and fosters sustainability.

According to Punong Barangay Galache “ two heads are better than one” in which he simplify that collaboration and teamwork can lead to better ideas, solutions and outcomes because different people brings diverse perspectives, and skills for the betterment of community.

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