The work in SEA is also starting to attract the attention of individuals in other parts of the world. One such individual is Alexander Schwedeler from Gernany. Alexander is the former CEO of Triados Bank in Germany. This bank is a pioneer in funding sustainable development initiatives.

Alexander helped to raise the beginning funds for SEA. Last June, Alexander visited the Philippines to check out, first hand, the status of the SEA SIAD 1.0 Flagship Program in Zarraga.

Alexander met the political leadership of the town including Zarraga Mayor John Tarrosa. (See immediately below.)


JHT_5390IMG_2356 copy

He attended a meeting with civil society. (Below)


And he also met with the town’s business leaders and shared insights together and some light moments.


He visited and met the staff of KALAHI.


He went and visited GAIA.


He had meetings with the SEA Team.


As a result of his trip, Alexander wrote a report of his impressions of the on-going work of SEA. We at SEA are excited because Alexander saw first hand the impact of SEA’ s work. Kindly click here to see a full copy of his report.