Societal Dimension


JUNE 2020

SIAD Program Empowers Iloilo Communities

In a recent evaluation, the SIAD program demonstrated its positive impact on communities in Iloilo. Focusing on Brgy. Punta Buri and Brgy. San Antonio in Ajuy, along with Brgy. Salacay in Cabatuan, the program engaged 52 participants and 14 staff members.

Brgy. Salacay, known for its agricultural heritage, witnessed positive changes in farming practices and economic sustainability. With 18 participants, increased agricultural productivity and income were reported. Challenges persist, particularly in enhancing marketing infrastructure and addressing environmental concerns.

In conclusion, the SIAD program’s evaluation highlights its commitment to empowering Iloilo communities. The successes and challenges identified underscore the importance of ongoing collaboration and adaptation for sustainable community development. The SIAD program continues to play a vital role in creating positive, lasting change in the region.


“Accreditation Milestone Achieved: Certification Granted in the Municipality of Cabatuan”

The successful completion and submission of accreditation requirements in Cabatuan had culminated in the issuance of certifications acknowledging accreditation status in the area. This accomplishment reflects a significant milestone, signifying compliance with the necessary standards and criteria for recognition in the municipality. The certification serves as a testament to the organization’s commitment to meeting accreditation requirements, establishing a foundation for meaningful engagement and collaboration within the community.

“SEA, Inc. Joins Forces with Local CSOs at Cabatuan Conference for Community Development”

Participation in the CSO Conference in Cabatuan marked a significant engagement for various civil society organizations, with SEA, Inc. being among the attendees. The event brought together a diverse range of CSOs in Cabatuan, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and discussions on pertinent community issues. SEA, Inc.’s presence at the conference underscores its commitment to active involvement in the local context, fostering partnerships and contributing to collective efforts aimed at addressing community challenges and promoting sustainable development in Cabatuan.

“SIAD Strategic Plan Unveiled and Embraced: Community Engagement in Brgy. Punta Buri and Brgy. Salacay General Assemblies”

Participation in both the General Assemblies of Brgy. Punta Buri, Ajuy, Iloilo, and Brgy. Salacay, Cabatuan, Iloilo, marked a significant step in aligning the community with the vision outlined in the SIAD Strategic Plan. The sessions involved the presentation of the plan, fostering open discussions and engagement with the local residents. By actively participating in these community gatherings, the aim was to ensure that the SIAD Strategic Plan is not only communicated effectively but also well-received, understood, and integrated into the specific contexts of Brgy. Punta Buri and Brgy. Salacay, fostering a collaborative approach to sustainable development in these areas.

JUNE 2019

“Participatory Resource Appraisal (PRA) in Brgy. Salacay, Cabatuan, Iloilo: A Comprehensive Approach to Understanding and Mapping Community Resources”

Participatory Resource Appraisal (PRA) in Brgy. Salacay involves a community-driven inventory of resources using visual tools such as Participatory Resource Inventory, Seasonal Mapping, Transect Mapping, and more. The aim is to gather information on community structures, livelihoods, cultural influences, and physical environments. The process emphasizes ongoing, periodic information gathering to ensure a sustained understanding of the community’s dynamics.