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Expansion of IPAT-SIAD Governance Program in Dialogue with Mayor Seville: Barangay Scanning, CIT Meetings, and Stakeholder Engagement Drive Project Advancements

The project team, following a dialogue with Mayor Liecel M. Seville, identified barangays for the expansion of the IPAT-SIAD Governance program. They conducted Barangay Scanning to understand the area’s physical features, road accessibility, economic activities, and infrastructure. Secondary data, including barangay profiles and household inventories, were gathered. The CIT meeting in August discussed project updates, deliverables, and future activities for Pasil, Calumbuyan, Bita-og Gaja, Jelicu-on Este, Janipa-an Este, Baclayan, and Cabugao.

To ensure sustainability, the LGU was advised to designate a CIT member to join the SEA Team during project implementation. Barangay Orientation and CSO Profiling involved educating stakeholders about IPAT-SIAD’s objectives, garnering support, and noting that many people’s organizations lacked formal registration. The project staff attended the Municipal Development Council meeting, where proposed projects for 2024, including farm-to-market roads, were approved.

To enhance the project team’s knowledge, an orientation on the Local Government Code (R.A. 7160) was conducted by the municipal coordinator, aligning with SEA’s goal of promoting people’s participation in local governance.


“Bringing Good Governance Gurus Together: LBF Orchestrates Power Meet-Up between PTFA and SEA for Program Progress Pep Talk!”

LBF organized a meeting between the two good governance implementers, PTFA and SEA, to provide updates on the status of their respective programs in partner LGUs. The meeting included presentations of program highlights and upcoming activities that both teams have planned for the coming months.

Meanwhile, ongoing engagement at both the municipal and barangay levels through the IPAT-SIAD Program has been maintained. The primary focus of these meetings and conversations has been the monitoring of programs and projects. Additionally, they have facilitated new engagements and partnerships with various departments and organizations in the town of New Lucena.


“Mayor Liecel Mondejar-Seville’s Innovative Approach: ‘Pag-isturyahanay sa Barangay’ Amplifies Community Voice and Promotes Swift Resolutions”

“Pag-isturyahanay sa Barangay” was originated from a conversation with Mayor Liecel Mondejar-Seville, aiming to reintroduce the “Hinun-anon sa Barangay,” where Department Heads and Functionaries discussed their programs at the community level. However, “Pag-isturyahanay sa Barangay” differs from “Hinun-anon” because, in this

case, Department Heads and Functionaries listen to the concerns, inquiries, and complaints of the community instead of reporting.

This initiative began in September 2022 and has been conducted in six communities (Brgy Badiang, Bololacao, Cabilauan, Bilidan, Damires, and Pasil). Concerns, inquiries, and complaints were promptly addressed and resolved by the Local Chief Executive (LCE) and Department Heads. Due to the positive responses and impact, Mayor Liecel aims to expand “Pag-isturyahanay sa Barangay” to all barangays in New Lucena.

Trisikad Drivers Association Teams Up with Municipal Office for Constitution and By-Laws, Mayor and Vice Mayor Show Commitment to Extend Program Partnership”

In response to sectoral meetings, the Trisikad Drivers Association sought assistance in creating their constitution and by-laws. These meetings were conducted in collaboration with the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, involving various sectors for a Training Needs Assessment (TNA). First Aid and livelihood training sessions have also been organized for different sectors.

In fact, Mayor Liecel Mondejar-Seville has expressed a commitment to continue the partnership with SEA beyond the initial three-year period. Vice Mayor Isabelo Acollador has also shown readiness to convene the Sangguniang Bayan for drafting a resolution or any relevant document to extend the program.

Meanwhile, regular monthly meetings involving the Collective IPAT-SIAD Team are consistently taking place. So far, two quarterly meetings have been held, during which department reports and collective team efforts have led to the completion of 63% of the programs and projects outlined in the IPAT-SIAD Plan. Additionally, PIME (Preservation, Improvement, Maintenance, Enhancement) meetings are ongoing as well.

Furthermore, SEA has joined the Municipal Development Council of New Lucena, allowing them to contribute and assist in the town’s development efforts. They also organized a general assembly for all accredited and recognized Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to elect new officers.

JUNE 2022

“IPAT-SIAD Program Gains Momentum in Second Year with Strengthened Partnership and Enhanced Capacity-Building Efforts”

The IPAT-SIAD Program is entering its second year of implementation, and the partnership with New Lucena’s LGU and other stakeholders is growing stronger. Capacity-building workshops and training sessions led by the SEA staff have clarified the program’s role and purpose, particularly for LGU employees. This support will persist as the program advances into its second year.

MARCH 2022

“Local Chief Executive’s Directive Leading to Progress: Monitoring and Evaluation Teams Established in Barangays Damires, Badiang, Bilidan, and Cabilauan

Ongoing mentorship and monitoring have been instrumental in supporting the formation or reactivation of community organizations as part of the IPAT-SIAD Governance Initiative.

The initial reporting by Department Heads on their accomplishments in line with the IPAT-SIAD Strategic Plan has proceeded smoothly. While not all Department Heads were in attendance, most programs and projects from the plan have found their place in the Department’s Annual Investment Plan (AIP), with some projects already having defined implementation timelines.

To sustain the progress achieved during the planning phase, the engagement of the Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PIME) Teams in partner communities is of utmost importance for turning their plans into reality. Several barangays, including Damires, Badiang, Bilidan, and Cabilauan, have successfully established their PIME teams, aligning with the directive of the Local Chief Executive as stipulated in Executive Order No. 6, which calls for the creation of Monitoring and Evaluation Teams within BLGUs. Additionally, Barangay Bololacao is set to establish its PIME Team on April 5, 2022, with the adoption of the team by the Barangay Council through a resolution.


“Step Up Your Annual Investment Plan with the IPAT-SIAD Plan: A Guide for Local Chief Executives”

The institutionalization of the IPAT-SIAD Plan is crucial for its successful implementation, involving not only the Local Chief Executive but also Municipal Department Heads who play a direct role in realizing the plan’s goals. In a meeting on February 7, 2022, Mayor Liecel gathered all Department Heads to distribute the plan and clarify their responsibilities. The meeting included the participation of various organizations such as the Local Commission on Elections, BFP, PNP, and DILG. Mayor Liecel emphasized that if the identified programs and projects are not part of the Annual Investment Plan, a Supplemental AIP will be necessary to move forward with their implementation.

Following the meeting with LBF and PTFA, SEA organized a People’s Participation in Good Governance event to raise awareness about Participatory Governance among CSOs in New Lucena. The importance of having legal identity for organizations to access funding from NGAs and getting accredited in the MLGU to join the MDC and Local Special Bodies was discussed. Prominent speakers like Mr. Emmanuel ‘Boyet’ Areño, Executive Director of Iloilo CODE NGO, and Ms. Jennifer Ealdama, MLGOO of New Lucena, shared their insights during the event.

SEA also offered technical assistance to those in need to strengthen and develop their associations. As a result, the Damires Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (DATODA) initiated the process of gathering the required documents to become a legally recognized organization.

APRIL 2021

Hon. Liecel Mondejar-Seville’s Enthusiasm Shines Despite Quarantine

The formal ceremonial activity marked the initiation of the partnership between the IPAT-SIAD Task Force and five selected communities in New Lucena. The Punong Barangays, authorized by their respective councils, attended the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing on April 13, 2021, to implement the IPAT-SIAD Governance Program in their barangays. Hon. Liecel Mondejar-Seville, unable to attend due to quarantine, expressed enthusiasm and promptly signed the MOAs after completing quarantine. The MOA signing facilitated deeper engagements at the Barangay Level, leading to the identification and profiling of People’s Organizations and Business Groups/Owners through staff follow-ups in partner barangays.


“Exciting Developments in the IPAT-SIAD Program: General Assembly of Stakeholders (GAS) Planning Underway”

The IPAT-SIAD Program entered the institutionalization phase. Prior to conducting activities, meetings with the Chief Executive took place to plan for the General Assembly of Stakeholders (GAS). The Chief Executive handpicked members for the Task Force and Secretariat on the government side, while CSOs and Business Groups selected their representatives during the GAS. Shortly after the GAS, the Task Force and Secretariat, collectively known as the IPAT-SIAD Governance Team, convened to choose their officers.


Building Strong Foundations: Long-Term Partnerships Formally Established with MLGU and BLGUs

In a significant move towards community-driven progress, the Municipal Local Government Unit (MLGU) and Barangay Local Government Units (BLGUs) have embarked on a journey to formalize long-term partnerships. The recent Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing ceremony has set the stage for collaborative efforts involving Municipal Heads, Liga ng mga Barangay, Business Groups, and Civil Society Organizations.

The project orientations, a cornerstone of this collaboration, bring together key stakeholders to align visions and goals for sustainable development. Through transparent discussions, these orientations lay the groundwork for a unified and purposeful approach to community growth.

Central to this initiative is the profiling of business owners in the Municipality of New Lucena. By understanding the local economic landscape, the MLGU and BLGUs can tailor strategies to support and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit within the community.

Simultaneously, the profiling of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) provides insights into the diverse contributions these organizations make to social justice, community welfare, and environmental sustainability. This information ensures that collaborative efforts are aligned with the community’s needs, fostering inclusivity and participation.

The MOA signing solidifies the commitment of all parties involved, creating a framework for transparent and accountable collaboration. As these long-term partnerships evolve, the Municipality of New Lucena can anticipate a future marked by shared successes, community prosperity, and sustainable growth. This collaborative effort exemplifies the power of unity in driving positive change at the local level.


New Lucena Advancing: Strengthened Partnerships and Informed Governance Mark a Productive Month
In the Municipality of New Lucena, it has seen significant progress in fostering collaboration and gathering essential data for informed decision-making. Key achievements include the formalization of long-term partnerships with the MLGU and BLGUs, a productive courtesy meeting with the Mayor, and successful strides in securing secondary data and lists of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). These accomplishments reflect a commitment to a more connected and responsive community, laying a positive foundation for future endeavors.