EmpowerHer: Together We Thrive, Together We Soar

Written by: Mary Angelic Muzones

“Organizing women isn’t just about bringing voices together, it’s about orchestrating a symphony of change.”


The Solution Ecosystems Activator (SEA) Inc., conducted a Program Orientation and meeting at Brgy. Janipaan Oeste last February 8, 2024, participated with 19 strong women. The barangay officials supported the said meeting and orientation. Words that filled with understanding of what is SEA Inc., its advocacy, programs which is the Integrated Participatory Accountability Transparency towards Sustainable Integrated Area Development. (IPAT-SIAD) Governance Program.

In an era where gender equality remains a pressing issue, the importance of organizing efforts to empower women cannot be overstated. Across the world, women’s unity and empowerment through initiatives are playing a pivotal role in advancing the rights and opportunities of women in various spheres of women’s life.

Through this orientation and meeting with the women in Janipaan, Oeste initiated the creation of a new organization in their barangay named HUGPONG KABABAIHAN SANG JANIPAAN OESTE. Their determination, willingness, and commitment to the organization played within themselves. They elected their responsible officers headed by their president, Mrs. Vinovir Irene Joy Galache. They created a new organization of women because they wanted no limitation on ages and the most important thing was raising their voices and concerns. They could also participate as members of the Barangay Development Council (BDC).

In the future, the work of HUGPONG KABABAIHAN SANG JANIPAAN OESTE will continue to be vital in the fight for gender equality. According to Mrs. Galache, elected President of Hugpong Kababihan said; “We are very thankful and blessed for having SEA Inc. in our barangay, in which it serves as our support to strengthen and mobilize us as role models of women in our barangay. And for my sisterhood, we are giving the chance to raise our voices and concerns, and let us not forget that through this organization we can lean on each other, share our experiences, and also celebrate our achievements as a group.”

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