Societal Dimension



“Accreditation Milestone Achieved: Certification Granted in the Municipality of Belison”

The successful completion and submission of accreditation requirements in Belison had culminated in the issuance of certifications acknowledging accreditation status in the area. This accomplishment reflects a significant milestone, signifying compliance with the necessary standards and criteria for recognition in the municipality. The certification serves as a testament to the organization’s commitment to meeting accreditation requirements, establishing a foundation for meaningful engagement and collaboration within the community.


Organization Identifies Top Talent in Recruitment Drive: Alparito and Oranio Stand Out for Key Roles

During the reporting period, the organization’s rigorous screening and interview process led to the identification of standout candidates, Rizza Alparito and Stephany Oranio, for administrative staff positions, and Noemi Oranio for the program staff role. The report underscores Alparito’s suitability for the administrative role and highlights Noemi Oranio’s technical expertise, positioning her as an ideal fit for the development field worker position.


SIAD 2.0 Workshop in Belison Sparks Collaboration Between SEA, Inc. and Local Stakeholders

The SIAD 2.0 Preliminary Workshop recently took place in Belison, Antique, bringing together participants, including SEA, Inc. CEO Nicanor Perlas, and the organization’s staff. During the workshop, discussions centered around updating SIAD 2.0 and the appointment of Bernadette Adap as the SIAD counterpart in Belison. A key meeting occurred between SEA, Inc. Staff and Belison Mayor Darrell De La Flor to address these matters.

Another significant event was the participation of Mr. Ronie Z. Bautista in an Alliance network meeting attended by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and business groups. This gathering facilitated interaction among attendees from CSOs and the business sector, fostering collaboration and dialogue. The workshop and network meeting collectively aimed to enhance the implementation of SIAD 2.0 and strengthen ties between various stakeholders in the region.

MARCH 2017

SIAD Workshop Triumphs in Belison, Antique: A Day of Collaboration, Learning, and Community Building

The SIAD Workshop held in Belison, Antique, on March 7, 2017, marked a successful event with various activities that contributed to its overall achievement.

To kick off the workshop preparations, a back draft was posted at the venue, emphasizing the attention to detail and thorough planning invested in ensuring a seamless event.

The workshop commenced with the registration of participants, fostering a sense of unity as everyone joined in singing the Philippine National Anthem, symbolizing the spirit of camaraderie.

During the workshop sessions, participants engaged in insightful discussions on various topics. One notable highlight was the presentation of the tri-folding components of SIAD, providing attendees with valuable insights and knowledge.

In a significant development, CSO’s collaboratively formed a group. Their purpose was to select a representative who would join the Core Team, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and collective decision-making.

As a memorable conclusion, a pictorial session captured the essence of the SIAD Workshop, featuring all participants. This not only served as a visual memento but also emphasized the importance of collaboration and networking within the workshop community.

The SIAD Workshop in Belison, Antique, was not only a platform for learning and discussion but also a testament to the successful coordination and engagement of its participants.