Biblical Wisdom and Leadership Unveiled: Inner Conditioning Workshop Recap

Written by: Mary Angelic L. Muzones

The follow-up session for the Inner Conditioning Workshop took place on November 15, 2023, with participants including New Lucena Teachers, Barangay, and Bulacan Graduates. The session commenced with breathing exercises, focusing on proper breathing techniques. Subsequently, a centering exercise encouraged participants to direct their attention inward. The session went beyond simple kamustahan, incorporating a reading of a biblical verse. Participants shared realizations and lessons derived from the verse.

The main topic of discussion centered around leadership. Participants were divided into two groups: the Sta. Barbara group (New Lucena Teachers) and a collaboration of Bulacan and Barangay Graduates. They engaged in a comprehension exercise to identify a productive leader within a story, later sharing their answers and providing evidence for their chosen leader.

Mrs. Constantino delivered a brief talk on leadership, intertwining it with biblical verses. This approach allowed graduates to gain deeper insights into their leadership styles, considering that everyone possesses leadership qualities. Participants also shared their perspectives on the leadership topic.

Mayor Liecel proposed that teachers take charge of facilitating the next follow-up session in December, with the specific date yet to be finalized, though suggested to be after December 15. Mayor Liecel expressed satisfaction with the session’s flow. The event concluded with a unity song, “Pananagutan,” during which all graduates joined hands and sang together.

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