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Strategic Planning and Graduates Follow-up Sessions Steer New Lucena’s Community Development

The month of November witnessed crucial coordination and planning activities in New Lucena, particularly in preparation for the upcoming CIT meeting and Inner Conditioning Workshop (ICW) Graduates Follow-up session.

A coordination meeting held on November 13, 2023, paved the way for discussions on the proposed agenda for the CIT meeting and activities for the ICW Follow-up session. Subsequent engagements with CIT Chairperson Mr. Willy Labaro and Mayor Liecel Seville provided valuable insights, leading to the inclusion of a Bible reflection and leadership topic in the agenda.

During the CIT Meeting on November 15, program updates were presented, highlighting the success of October’s activities due to robust support from Local Government Units (LGUs) at both municipal and barangay levels. The assessment of the strategic plan, facilitated by Mr. Willy Labaro, focused on key concerns in Eco-Tourism, Economics, Agriculture, Cultural, and Ecological aspects. The results indicated varying accomplishment levels, with specific plans for addressing issues in Agriculture slated for the December CIT meeting.

In the evening of November 15, 2023, a follow-up session with ICW Graduates took place, emphasizing leadership principles drawn from biblical teachings. Participants expressed satisfaction and commitment to regular monthly Inner Conditioning sessions, with hopes for future engagements with notable figures like Sir Nic Perlas.

Strengthening Local Governance Knowledge: Capabuild Session on Local Government Code

In an effort to enhance the knowledge of program staff, a capabuild session focusing on the Salient Features of the Local Government Code of 1991 and the Local Development Councils was conducted on November 20, 2023. This session aimed to equip staff members with essential knowledge for upcoming Barangay Development Council (BDC) orientations.

Staff members were provided insights into the legal mandates empowering LGUs to engage with People’s and non-governmental organizations. Engr. John Suelo, the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, emphasized the importance of people’s participation in local governance, particularly through Barangay Development Councils. The session concluded with expressions of gratitude from Barangay officials, CSOs, and Barangay Kagawads, highlighting the newfound understanding of the purpose and significance of BDC and people’s participation in local governance.


SEA Office Empowers Project Team with Capacity and Team Building Event, Focused on Project Implementation and Societal Threefolding Strategies

A Capacity and Team Building Activity was held at the SEA Office from September 6-8, 2023, aiming to enhance the knowledge of the project team in project implementation. Mr. Nicanor Perlas discussed the Global Relevance of Societal Threefolding and other relevant topics. The event covered networking, co-selection, and co-mobilization of stakeholders. The activity proved crucial for the project staff, including those assigned in Luzon.

JUNE 2023

“Unlocking Inner Potential: New Lucena Empowers Stakeholders through Inner Conditioning Workshop and Strategic Collaborations”

The focus in New Lucena was on capacity building for stakeholders, with preparations for an inner conditioning workshop initiated beforehand as requested by Mayor Liecel. The aim was to help teachers and other stakeholders gain a better understanding of themselves in the context of their work and society. Additionally, a meeting with the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer of Ajuy occurred to discuss future collaboration and best practices, particularly in Solid Waste Management. PIME Team meetings were held to update the status of strategic plans in partner communities.

APRIL 2023

“From Reflection to Connection: CIT Team and LGU Heads Ignite Bonds at Inspiring Workshop Hosted by Nicanor Perlas in CBE, Angat, Bulacan

The CIT Team and LGU Department Heads attended an Inner Condition Workshop facilitated by Nicanor Perlas in CBE, Angat, Bulacan. This workshop allowed participants to reflect on and better understand themselves in relation to their work and each other, fostering deeper connections among New Lucena stakeholders. The positive experience led them to establish a post-workshop structure to maintain the self-transformation progress. The ICW had a lasting impact on its participants, who continue to share how their new perspective has positively influenced their daily lives. They feel better equipped to face challenges and trials. This impact extended beyond the participants to department heads, barangay-level CSOs and officials, educators, and the wider Lucenanhon community.


Progress in Strategic Planning: Inner Conditioning Workshops Conducted for Partner Communities

At the municipal level, it was decided in a meeting with the Mayor that they would take responsibility for processing the endorsement of the Strategic and Action Plan to the Sangguniang Kabataan, following its presentation and adoption during the General Assembly of Stakeholders.

At the community level, Brgy Damires has initiated a General Assembly where the community successfully edited and adapted their Strategic Plan. Other communities are also in the process of refining their own Strategic Plans. Additionally, Inner Conditioning Workshops have been conducted for partner communities, with the first batch from Brgy. Bololacao and Brgy. Badiang, and the second batch from Brgy. Damires, Brgy. Cabilauan, and Brgy. Bilidan.

MAY 2021

Inner Conditioning Workshop Online: A Recap of the Collective ISG Team’s Experience

Program Orientations are currently ongoing in partner Barangays, including the profiling of stakeholders in each community. These activities facilitate comprehensive engagement with community members and those present at the Barangay Hall through scheduled activities. SEA, Inc. organized an Inner Conditioning Workshop online, involving the Collective ISG Team and Punong Barangays of the Partner Barangays. Nicanor Perlas served as the Resource Speaker, and follow-up sessions addressed any participant confusion. As part of community immersion, PRA has commenced, and follow-up data enhancement meetings are scheduled to refine community data. SEA, Inc. received an invitation from Northern Polytechnic State College for their Stakeholders’ Forum, providing a platform for partners to express their needs, with NIPSC aiming to address them as much as possible.